Fire alarm cable

★ offices
★ schools
★ Airports
★ underground and tunnel
★ railway station
★ computer center
★ alarm system
★ traffic control system
★ fire fighting system

Fire cable is mainly used for emergency lighting, fire observation, signal sensing sensor system, supply and exhaust fan system, communication and call system, control equipment system, fire pump and fire alarm system circuit cable, etc.

Power cable

Power cable are mainly used for connection and internal installation of power, lighting, electrical devices, instruments and telecommunications equipment, household appliances, medium (light) mobile appliances, equipment under low and medium mechanical pressure in dry and humid indoor or outdoor environment.

Electronic Cable

Electronic Cable are suitable for commercial electronics, electronic appliances, household appliances, broadcasting, audio-visual devices, instruments, computers, lighting lamps and equipment, internal connecting wires of instruments, motor transformers and lamp outgoing wires with a temperature of 80 ℃ / 105 ℃.

Communication Cable

The communication cable is applicable to the support connection of equipment, the transmission of closed-circuit television, common antenna system and color or monochrome RF monitor. The twisted pair digital communication cable is applicable to the communication trunk line, Ethernet LAN system connection, information network video office connection, family, school, business field, public place, government, etc.

Flat cable

Flat cable is mainly used for power connection and control signal lighting of various mobile power devices in hoisting, transportation, machinery, electrical, mining and other industries with working voltage of 300 / 500V or 450 / 750V and ambient temperature not exceeding 70 ℃.

Control cable

The control cable is suitable for the connection of control, signal, protection and measurement systems with rated voltage of 450 / 750V and below or 0.6/1k and below, or for indoor laying, cable trench, pipeline, direct burial, hanging, and occasions with moving or fixing requirements

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