Flat Halogen-free Two Core Cable

Essential information

  • Brand: LLT
  • Place of origin: Shenzhen, China
  • Specification: 100M / 500m per roll
  • Packaging method: roll / wooden shaft / carton / pallet
  • Place of shipment: Shenzhen
  • Mode of transportation: Sea / land / air
  • Payment method:T / T, L / C, D / P
  • Starting quantity: 5000m
  • Daily production: 1000000m
  • Other services:OEM/ODM

Product Details

Product name: Flat halogen-free two core cable
Product model: TPSHF-2CW (flat halogen-free two core injection white strip type) TPSHF-2CT (flat halogen-free two core twisted type)
Product category: Fire alarm cable Fire cable
Executive standards: AS/NZS 5000.2:2006, AS/NZS3013:2005, AS/NZS 1125:2001
Product application: Suitable for wiring fire control panels, detectors, speakers, pull panels, strobes, and on-site modules in fire alarm systems in Australia, New Zealand, and other Australian regions
Rated voltage: 250/250V or 450/750V
Rated temperature: -25 ℃ -110 ℃

Technical Parameters:

No.of cores×Nominal 
cross section
Copper Wire Diameter
Nominal thickness
of insulation
Nominal thickness
of sheath
 Approx overall
 Max. Conductor Resistance at 20℃
BARE COPPER  Tinned Copper
2×0.75 7×0.37 0.6 0.9 6.5×4.1 25.3 26.0
2×1.0 7×0.42 0.6 0.9 7.2×4.3 21.2 21.6
2×1.5 7×0.52 0.6 0.9 7.2×4.5 13.6 13.8
2×2.5 7×0.67 0.7 1.0 8.8×5.4 7.41 7.56




Packaging information

Normally the cables are packed by drum,carton and put on the pallet and other customized packing are available as per international standard.

Factory information

  • Super production capacity-more than 100 sets of automated production equipment, 24-hour production system, daily production capacity of 1,000,000 meters of cables
  • Strict quality inspection procedures-material inspection before production, index inspection during production, general quality inspection after production, packaging inspection
  • Complete certificate guarantee-IS09001 certification, IS014001 certification, CCC certification, CE certification, UL certification, LPCB certification, VDE certification, etc., so you can purchase with confidence
  • Efficient packaging and transportation-machineized packaging, fast and clean. Port city, direct air and sea transportation, fast delivery
  • 7*24 hours after-sales service-professionals provide you with services and consultations around the clock
  • We can also provide OEM and ODM services
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